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Summer Art Camp for Ages 12 and Older

Exploring Printmaking
with Allison Doherty
For Ages 12 and older 

For the weeks of July 6, July 20 & August 3 (sold out)

Monday - Friday 9AM – 12PM $350 per week

An introduction to several printmaking techniques including monoprinting, relief block printing and dry-point etching.

MONOTYPE: A unique print is a one-of-a-kind transfer of an inked or painted image from a Plexiglas plate to paper pressure or by means of a press. Sometimes there is enough ink or paint residue left on the plate surface to pull a second, much lighter print. This is called a “ghost”. Each transfer is unique and cannot be exactly duplicated. 

The transfer of drawings and compositions that are cut into soft linoleum using carving tools and run a proof. 

"Drawing" into Plexiglas sheets with a metal scribe, ink the sheets and print the results.  This technique can be combined with other printmaking possibilities, such as chine collé or with drawing to create a multi-layered final piece.

Please note:
Campers should bring a healthy, nut-free, mid-morning snack each day to camp.

Working With Acrylics: Focusing on Color and Design
with Donna Straw
For Ages 12 and older 

For the week of July 13 

Monday - Friday 9AM – 12PM $350 per week

Welcome to Summer Art Camp and working with acrylics. We are going to continue to explore color mixing, color theory and design.

• In this workshop we are going to work with a wide range of values through extensive color mixing in order to create contrasts and areas of emphasis in a unified work of art. We will discover how we can achieve a successful composition through the overlapping of images and grids. On the first day please bring in a box full of images, photos, objects, still- life subject matter, etc. that you will be interested in drawing, painting and fragmenting.

• We are going to analyze styles of art from the Expressionist, Cubist and Futuristic Movements and begin to plan out our compositions and fragmented grids. We will think about how we can create interesting compositions by zooming-in, cropping off and breaking up our spaces. You can create grids out of concentric circles, continuos overlays, geometric shapes, cracked lines, webbed patterns, asymmetrical design, etc.

• Painting on practice sheets, we will discuss and explore a wide variety of color theories so that we can decide which ones we want to incorporate in our paintings. In order to be successful, you will need to restrict yourself to a color theory. (mono-chromatic, tertiary, complementary, split-complementary, etc.)

• Once we sketch our ideas onto the canvas and have our grids figured out the fun begins. Every time you cross over the line, you must change the color. Always think in terms of contrasting values so that the image stands out. You are going to have to use extensive color mixing to achieve your goal.
Let's have fun!

Please note:
Campers should bring a healthy, nut-free, mid-morning snack each day to camp.

with Karen Lehman
For Ages 12 and older 

For the weeks of July 27 & August 10 (sold out)

Monday - Friday 9AM – 12PM $350 per week

We will introduce students to a myriad of photography techniques and processes, from traditional to digital, sometimes combining the two. We will work with the 35mm single lens reflex film camera, will process film, and make prints in the darkroom. We will also make images with pinhole cameras, with the digital single lens reflex camera and a scanner. Students' images will be on display throughout the week, with continuous positive feedback and discussion. The Elements and Principles of art as described in the
Massachusetts Frameworks (Department of Education) will be introduced and utilized as children begin to understand and articulate the elements of a successful photographic image.

Other projects and techniques will include making photograms and
“inverting” paper negatives to make positive images. Tuesday will be a dedicated Field Trip day, where parents will drop off children off at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs. Students will generate many images with different cameras. On Friday, students will share their work from the week with parents and visitors, and take home a folder / portfolio of images and a newfound love for photography.

The following is a suggested equipment list.  If campers have these items,please bring them. If you do not have them, they will be provided by the instructor.

Any kind of digital camera, an SD card, and a “flash drive” to store digital photos and scans. Students may also use their Smart Phone cameras. Students who have a laptop will be encouraged to bring it in on one or two days during the week. If the laptop has Adobe Photoshop that would be great. 

Please note:
Campers should bring a healthy, nut-free, mid-morning snack each day to camp.


Summer Video Camp
with Michelle Vivian
For ages 12 and older
For the week of July 20

Monday through Friday 1:00PM - 5:00PM $250 for the week

Martha’s Vineyard Public Access Television Station is excited to offer Summer Video Camp for Kids! This video camp is designed to introduce digital media literacy by way of learning Videography, Storytelling, Interviewing Techniques, Music Production and Public Service Announcement style of productions. Enter the exciting world of video production in this hands-on class offered by MVTV through Featherstone Center for the Arts. Campers ages 11-14, will learn the operation of HD video cameras and professional editing software to create programs that will actually air on MVTV Channel 13. Students will receive their own DVD copy of their work at the end of camp. 

All materials are provided by MVTV.

Please note:
Campers should bring a healthy, nut-free, mid-morning snack each day to camp.