MVFilm Society ArtSpace

Featured Artist: Joshua Robinson White

   Joshua was born in Barbados at the end of an 8-year, round the world trip that his parents and Australian born brother had completed on a 28 ft sailboat. At less than a year old, he moved from the boat to a small shed on Martha's Vineyard. Other then two winters living on his parents custom built sailboat in the Caribbean, he spent his entire life growing up on the Vineyard. At 18 he moved to Southern California, where he received a degree in Finance from San Diego State. After 6 years in California, the inevitable pull of Island life brought him back. He now resides on the Vineyard year-round and specializes in capturing unique perspectives of everyday, often overlooked subjects.

2017 Feldman Family Artspace Artists:

January 13 - February 20: Fred Hancock
February 20 – March 13: Billy O’Callaghan
March 13 – April 10: Marie Louise Rouff
April 10 – May 22: Josh Robinson White
May 25 - June 11:  VCS/High School
June 12 - July 3: Margo Oulette
July 3 - July 24: Anne Grandin
July 24 - August 14: Gretchen Feldman Collection
August 14 - September 4: Michael Johnson
September 5 – September 25: Joyce Farmer 
September 25 - October 23: Sally Cohn
October 23 - November 20: Sabrina Kuchta
November 20 - December 11: Elizabeth Cecil
December 11- January 8: Marston Clough

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