MV Film Society Feldman Family Artspace

Featherstone is pleased to collaborate with the MV Film Society 
in managing the Feldman Family Artspace at the MV Film Center in Vineyard Haven.
A juried selection, 
Featherstone reviews submissions and selects artists
to display work at the Film Center, 
subsequently working each artist
to coordinate their shows. 

Further information on the Feldman Family Artspace at the
MV Film Center can be found at the bottom of this page.

Bettie Eubanks
July 30 through August 20


 My paintings are created as a snapshot of time to be enjoyed while being in the present. 

I am most comfortable by the water, enjoying the harmony and balance and the freedom of change with each wave.

 I work in acrylic because of its ability to forgive…like the sand that forgives the wave each time it comes ashore. I call myself a colorist because I’m equally comfortable with bold and bright waves of color and the soft tones offering forgiveness as needed, to deliver the well being of the subject.

 When sharing my work there is often an out stretched hand wanting to touch the painting. 

The texture invites the viewer.  I approve!

BIO - Bettie Eubanks-Painter

Bettie Eubanks is best known for her passionate color expressions that reflect her love of life and nature in her work.  Inspired by the Vineyard docks and the Florida wetlands, her paintings express vitality, natural beauty, and joy through vibrant color and texture. Bringing together her fine art training and love of life, she creates an emotional awakening and joy for everyone viewing her paintings.  “Our days are a constant infusion of information and expression... art is the unique opportunity to decidedly infuse our souls with joy and possibility”, says Eubanks. Bettie Eubanks received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Jersey City State University and is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine Arts.  During her youth, Bettie was accepted into the gifted young artists program in New Jersey, where she excelled and honed her natural artistic talent.  Throughout her lifetime, she has received numerous awards and recognition as an artist.  Ms Eubanks received the Art Wellness Award for creating the signature piece for Sisters Network Inc.; a Houston based national breast cancer survivor organization.  She created other signature pieces for MD Anderson Hospital and Sun Magazine. Her work is a part of many  private collections including the permanent collection of the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.  

Ms Eubanks has exhibited her work here on island at the Dragonfly gallery, The Fire House Gallery, The El Elegance Gallery and The Featherstone gallery.  Eubanks is one of the founding members of the Vineyard African American Artist Group.

Coming Up Soon!

Opening Reception for
Gwen Norton
Landscapes & Other Images

September 23, 2018
1:30 to 3:30pm

Exhibition will run from September 19 
to October 14, 2018

Past Shows in 2018

2018 Feldman Family Artspace Artists:

January 8 - Feb.5              Fae Kontje Gibbs

February 5 – Mar. 2           Justen Ahren

March 5 – April 2               Richard Limber

April 2 – April 30                Alison Mead

April 30 - May 21               Lowely Finnerty

May 21 - June 11               Vineyard Conservation Society

June 11-July 2                   Denys Wortman

July 2 – July 30                 The Gretchen V. Feldman Collection

July 30 – Aug. 20               Bettie Eubanks

August 20 – Sept. 17         Jo-Anne L. Bates

September 17 - Oct.15      Gwen Norton

October 15 - Nov. 12         Steve Myrick

November 12 - Dec. 10     Bert Fischer

December 10- Jan. 7         Bricque Garber

 Featherstone Center for the Arts reviews the artwork of dozens
of Island artists to show at The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center. 
Every effort is made to achieve a balance of different media.

There are 12 show slots, plus the annual VCS/MVRHS student art contest and
the Gretchen Feldman 
permanent collection. Selections were based on technical,
graphic and aesthetic criteria, 
as well as a balance of media and styles
suitable for The Film Center Art space. 

Call for Artists!

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Featherstone Center for the Arts
PO Box 1145
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557 

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Richard Paradise:

For more information regarding Featherstone Center for the Arts and the application for artists, 
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