2013 Gallery Shows

Virginia Weston Besse Gallery

The Virginia Weston Besse Gallery is open daily 
12:00 – 4:00 p.m. during each show unless otherwise specified.

I Heart Art

February 10 - February 27

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Students of MVRHS Series 

Openings will take place on Saturdays from 4 to 6 pm

Saturday, March 9 - Friday, March 15: 
Julio Britto, Taymon Brown, Megan Buchanan, Mariah Campbell, David DaSilva, Lauren Dostal, Amy Fligor, Carl Gosselin, Alice Green, Stephanie Harris, Jake Hart, Emerson Hazel, Kyle Joba-Woodruff, Gordon Moore, Hannah Moore, Michael Morris, Joe Turney, Zac Wannamaker &  Liam Weston (Sculpture, Crafts & Pottery Students of Brendan Coogan)

Saturday, March 16 - Friday, March 22: 
Forrest D'Olympia & Hannah Moore (Painting & Drawing Students of Janice Frame)

Saturday, March 23 - Friday, March 29: 
Aoife Estes & Samantha Valley (Painting & Drawing Students of Janice Frame)

Saturday, March 30 - Friday, April 5: 
Ella Mahoney & Victoria Sadowsky (Painting & Drawing Students of Janice Frame)

For the Love of Trees: Photography Show

April 7 - April 19

Lucy Vincent Beach

April 21- May 8


The Art of Flowers

with Guest Curator: Holly Alaimo

May 12 – May 29


Awe & Wonder

June 2- June 19
Participating Artists:
Renee Balter, Michael Blanchard, Nancy Blank, Marston Clough, Scott Crawford, Peter Dreyer, 
Robert D. Dusa, Valentine Estabrook, Pamela Flam, Mary S. French, Marianne Goldberg, Nina Gomez Gordon, Joan Hewson, Genevieve Jacobs, Andrew Jephcote, Nancy Kingsley, Minor Knight, Jennifer Langhammer, Washington Ledesma, Ilka List, Ruth Major, Jim Masek, Carl Mueller, Steve Myrick, Cammie Naylor, 
Brandon Newton, Fan Ogilvie, Alida O’Loughlin, Kathy Poehler, Ed Schulman, Lucinda Sheldon, 
Nathan Shepard, Jeanne Staples, Liz Taft, Linda Thompson, Cynthia Wayman, Sunny Wilson, 
Michael Wooley, Jules S. Worthington, Christopher Wright


June 23 – July 10

Tom Maley Life Drawing

with Guest Curator: Anne Gallagher

July 14 – July 31

Nine Artists - Thirteen Years

with Guest Curator: Monina Von Opel

August 4 – August 21

The Art of Ceramics

with Guest Curator: Washington Ledesma

August 25 – September 11

Richard Lee Retrospective

with Guest Curators: Claudia Cannerdy & Hudson Lee

September 15 - October 6

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MVGazette Article #2

Artistry in Wood - Tomorrow's Antiques

with Guest Curator: Nancy Kingsley

October 20 - November 6


with Guest Curator: Richard Limber

November 10 - November 20