Please join us Tuesday nights at 7:00PM
in The Pebble at Featherstone Center for the Arts for 

Featherstone's 2017 Photographers Salon 
Hosted by Michael Johnson 

FREE and Open to all!

"Photographic artists of note" present their work and give talks on their style, inspiration, and technical aspects of their work. They will display examples of their work to give clarity to their talks; in addition, amateur and other photographic artists will be invited to give "mini presentations" that will be critiqued and discussed by the presenting artist and their peers. This will make it interactive and directly involve the Vineyard’s artistic community.
The evening will be free of charge but contributing to the donation pot by the door is encouraged to support Featherstone Center for the Arts. This will also be a great promotional venue for the presenting artists to "plug" their current work and bring and sell examples of calendars, books, pass out cards and otherwise network with the art buying public,
We hope for each salon to have a diverse range in the styles and techniques and in the artists themselves. It will also give the artists of the Vineyard (year round and summer) a chance to meet and greet and network.  Many have only heard of each other, or have only met in passing. This will create a space for the strengthening of the ties of the Vineyard photographic community.
Each week folks come and some bring artistic projects in progress or finished pieces and we share light refreshments, discussion, networking and the camaraderie  of people of an artistic bent.

It is our hope that these salons will result in artistic presentations, multi-level involvement of the local community, diversity, and strengthening of the artistic community.

2017 Photographers Salon Dates:

July 11, 18, 25
August 1, 8, 15

Time: 7:00pm
Fee: Free!
Location: The Pebble


July 11: Monina Von Opel & Edward Miller  - 
“The Art of Curating Photography”

Edward Miller started collecting art in Philadelphia right out of college in the late 60s...influenced by his then Grandfather-in-law. Monina Von Opel began in Paris in the early 70s...influenced by her then Mother-in-law. By the time they moved to New York together in 1980 they had both gained confidence in their own eye. Luckily, they virtually always agree... on art. With Edward Chair of the MV Hospital Art Committee and Monina its Chief Ferret, they have applied their passion to the task of helping to build the MV Hospital Permanent Art Collection.


July 18:  Neal Rantoul

Neal Rantoul is a career photographer and educator. He was head of the Photo Program for thirty years at Northeastern University in Boston. Since retiring in 2013 he works full time making pictures, teaching and traveling. His work is represented by 555 Gallery in Boston and he will be teaching in late July in Northern Iceland.

Artist Statement:

Neal’s work is characterized by being of broad interest in a variety of areas including landscape, both urban and rural, and subjects that stand out as being anomalous, such as taxidermy animals in Cabellas stores, forensic study specimens at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, the Monsters work of photographs of wigs and Halloween masks in a costume store in Fitchburg, MA, and numerous photographic series from the US and Europe. More locally, he has been photographing the Vineyard from the air for several years, with work resulting in the book called "Above,” available on his website: Neal has been coming to the island since he was one year old and has property in Chilmark.

Neal's work is concerned with making the mundane sublime, decontextualizing his subjects by photographing them in isolation with a prevailing concern for minimalism and an aesthetic driven by the desire for quality and clarity of vision over now a long career. He will bring prints of some of his work and discuss motivation, idea generation, discipline and what it means to be a career artist.

           July 25: Dick Iacovello



1: Stephen Petegorsky

Stephen Petegorsky is an artist and freelance photographer who was born in New York City, but who has lived in western Massachusetts area for over 40 years. He graduated from Amherst College in 1975 as a Fine Arts major, and later received an M.F.A. in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design.

His creative work has been exhibited internationally, and is in collections throughout this country as well as in Europe. He has taught at Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College, and the University of Connecticut, and currently works as a freelance photographer specializing in photography of artworks.

He has been interested in animals – alive, dead, taxidermed – for as long as he can remember.


August 8: Sally Cohn - "The Art of Dance and Photography"

Sally Cohn is a dancer, choreographer and dance photographer. She has been photographing dance since 1988. She works with Sandy Broyard of What’s Written Within, an improvisational dance company on the island and is staff photographer at The Yard in Chilmark.

Dan Byers, Director of Harvard’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, has said that Sally Cohn’s work
stills movement, capturing gesture, personality, patterns, and form. Her work creates an energetic dialog between choreographer and photographer, allowing us to experience the dancer’s movement in another time signature. The place becomes the frame.


August 15: Open Salon