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Children's Art

Weekday Classes for

Young Children

with Lani Carney

Goals of Featherstone’s Young Children’s Art Programs:
  • To encourage children’s creativity through art
  • To be with them so that we might foster their enjoyment through art
  • To be sensitive to children and allow them to unfold naturally while with us
  • To be quiet, wise and gentle as we guide them

If new to us, kindly come early (15 minutes) to familiarize your child with our wonderful Children’s Studio. Welcome.

Please let us know if your child requires any particular considerations.

Our Children’s Studio is a loving and caring, peaceful place for superb quality art making.
Learning is also, fun!
Miss Lani

3:00 - 5:00PM
For ages 4, 5, 6
$35 per child, per class

Make it Pop
Keith Haring inspires us with his zest for making art fun and active.

September: 15, 22, 29
October: 6, 13, 20, 27
November: 3, 10, 17, 24
December: 1, 8, 15

3:15 - 5:45PM
For ages 6, 7, 8
$35 per child, per class

Wonder of Animals
From the Denali Mountain to the Galapagos Islands- we shall paint the resilient animals, their habitats and their ROARS for our help to protect the abundance of all animal species.

September: 16, 23, 30
October: 7, 14, 21, 28
November: 4, 11, 18, 25
December: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

3:15 - 5:45PM
For ages 8, 9, 10
$35 per child, per class

The Grand Palais in Paris showcase of Picasso’s paintings and those artists he influenced- David Hockney, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein and more… will inspire us.

September: 17, 24
October: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
November: 5, 12, 19
December: 3, 10, 17

3:00 - 5:00PM
For ages 3, 4, 5
$35 per child, per class

All Aboard 
Watercolor- wet and lively for preschoolers. Eric Carle and his caterpillars and his butterflies lead us into fall vibrance. 

September: 18, 25
October: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
November: 6, 13, 20
December: 4, 11, 18

4:00 - 6:00PM
Teen Arts 
$35 per child, per class

Fall focus: Modernism
We will immerse ourselves for these seven classes as if we were painting shoulder to shoulder
with contemporary, inspiring new artists. Art "talk" concludes each class session so as to
facilitate better understanding of the featured artists's profile.

September: 13, 27
October: 11, 25
November: 8, 22
December: 13

Saturday Art Adventures

with Lani Carney

The cost is $45 per child for each adventure class.

All Saturday Pre-school age and Elementary school age Arts Adventures are for ages 4-10 
from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

NO snack is provided. Please pack your child a healthy, 
nut-free snack to bring to class. 

September: 12, 26
October: 3, 10, 24
November: 7, 21
December: 5, 12
January: 9, 16

September 12
Pisarro’s Love for Harvest Time
Miss Lani will explore with children ages 4­11 the life of Camille Pissarro, the French landscape artist who was particularly fascinated with pastoral orchards and farmlands. He loved to showcase the people who tilled the soil and worked the fields at harvest times. His positive
altruism to paint the beauty of the hearts of people, at work, motivated him! He strongly held "that no one was greater or lesser than anyone else...". Pissarro's pro­active behavior was influential and gained new attention for justice and equality for the working class in France.

Impressionism evolved with the young artists, including Monet and Degas. Pissarro painted until his passing in 1903.

September 26 
Pluto and Me--An Outer-space Adventure
Our July observations of Pluto were magnificent! Young astronauts, artists, will rocket deep into outer space, exploring this planet and discovering alien life! We will paint rockets based on our imaginary trip and always include the heart, so visibly shining, on Pluto this past summer.

Think FUN...VIBRANT thoughts...

October 3 
Colorful Clever Creepy Critters
Did you know that beetles are much like artists? They spy in their world, love to change colors and surprise and delight in size and patina. Our students painted “MEET THE BEETLES” in a Saturday Art Adventure in July. The result: brilliant specimens and environs. Let us capture
creepy critters once more. We shall add to our showcase….cannot wait!

October 10 
Chocolate and Art-- 
It is an art party like none other 
“The reason I love chocolate: it makes me happy! The reason I love art: it makes me smart! ~ Words spoken by one young artists. We shall celebrate the fun, festive offerings of our FCA Chocolate Festival by creating our art work. Painting with chocolate syrup and making homemade ice cream and chocolate, of course! Fun. Hilarious. Edible Art, you might say. It is a
tradition. Join us in welcoming Marko the Magician, a professional Miss Lani has met from Vermont. Marko is an exceptional magician. We ask only that he play no tricks that would make chocolate disappear...ha. Marko’s magic lends vibrance to the entire FCA Festival for certain.
Come. Come Magic of chocolate and art!

October 24 
Wonder of Elephants
Majestic, extraordinary creatures teach us this Saturday about the differences of the two species ­ “forest” and “savanna.” We will identify the reasons that the populations of both species are in a “free fall” and shy. As young Americans, we can join and support in solid ways the Treaty sponsored by IUCN and CITES that regulate global trade in endangered wildlife. We hope to study, PAINT and HELP the highest risk elephant populations. Studies have found that forest elephants declined 65 percent over the past 15 years. Less than one­tenth of them remain, gone from 75% of their original habitat. We want to act now…

Beautiful inspiration comes from Jean Campbell’s superb photographs of elephants taken personally on her global travels. She joins us in our proactive interests to preserve all animal life!

November 7 
Funny Faces- with Mocha Mott s' silly grinning 'Joe' ! 
We recall that it was Walt Disney, Charles Shultz and Dr. Seuss that originated cartoon art! Grandparents remember well ­ and we, do too...how fascinating these funny faces and art making methods delight!! Silly, active, colorful cartooning ways stir laughter and smiles. Our love for our Vineyard Mocha Mott’s “Joe” logo is an example that is like a Keith Haring action figure.
Let us design a street smart, hilarious creature on a roll or “boarding” ­ you decide. Naturally our focus will be on the shapes, sizes of our eyes, noses, mouths and ears. It will be fun thinking about how we feel through faces we observe and paint.

November 21
"S' more" Awareness: Young Artists ask for Action and Art for our natural world! 
We are, the children and are astonished at the creative force creatures, small and large, exude wherever in their habitat. We have devoted today’s art making and every Wednesday class, Fall 2015, to paint and observe the creatively expressive animals of our world. “In order to love their world, children must be given the respect to study and become aware of their global environs ­
their world! Art teaches them about the world and the world offers to them the artfulness and brilliance of nature and the inhabitants, therein.” (A Miss Lani, direct quote) Whether the experiences of Mt. McKinley ­ Denali, or the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador or in all of my travels while on sabbatical or at world conferences as a college professor ­ my heart continues the beat that somethings DO NOT need to justify their existence, because they are
priceless. Too much of our world is measured by economical value and our research scientists teach that all of our animal species are fighting for survival. May we today begin to be more mindful ­ and CARE ­ about animals, art and science. The relationships of Jane Goodall’s Institute and Charles Darwin, National Park and Marine Reserve professionals and proactive conservationists, worldwide, matter. May we listen with S’MORE empathy and take ACTION.
The children and I value the abundance of all animal species. It is not an abstract thought...we believe in their creative forces.

December 5 
Sailor Keepsakes Recreated
Large canvases given to our Children’s Studio by the Gottlieb family will frame the art making today! We will attempt to replicate “sailor valentines” ­ shell designs embodying love and remembrances...It has been researched and said that whaling captains and mates created these “jewels” and sent them to their loved ones from ports of call, while on their journeys often lasting many years. The Island’s lovely Christina Gallery in Edgartown has showcased radiant works of Sailor Valentines. Many a family, here, has had one passed down for generations to treasure. We honor these mariners artfulness and loving gestures, today. We thank the Gottlieb’s for their generosity and love.

December 12 
French Doll Making 
Doll Making in the French way ~ delicate and sweet style at play. Learn how to make a doll to play with, from scratch, using soft fabrics to create the shape, form doll’s head, body, and clothing. Hand painted faces will be the creative work of thin brush strokes. It is really a keepsake. This is the third art offering to incorporate the beauty of stitching and creating dolls. The color chords are youthful, playful and beautiful for certain! Several seamstress artists will join us to ease our work with sewing needles and threads.

January 9 
Soulcraft--art and design coupled with gathered found Island wood and objects
Woodworking...art...design utilizing gathered found Island wood. Two great dads, Rick Brew and Tom Turner have shaped wood blocks for the children and me. Now we will set out to create things and add joy in the making. Every child is sure to walk away today with a sense of pride in
what they have made from piles of wood using tools and our art materials, from lathes to planes, and auger to chisels, a safe environ...having fun along the way!! The work reminds us learning can be fun. Miss Lani’s class is hands on and engaging Let’s try woodworking out...perhaps we shall pursue it further.

January 16 
HUGE--VIBRANT--We love David Hockney's'' canvases, art-making and color chords! 
We will paint large­scale abstract art today. Hockney’s inventive paintings teach us to delve into our art making with deep brilliance of color chords! His line and texture dynamics are so rich that we shall want to continue the entire day and into the evening...Samie Dowd Warren loves this artist like none other. Our advanced student is thrilled to realize we shall, today highlight his work and plan to, along with her little sister, Nina, enjoy the artist and our class.